Lecture Series "Challenges in Materials Science"

  • Date: Wednesdays according to the announced program
  • Time: 9 – 11 am (c.t.)
  • Location: Seminar room MAINZ, Staudinger Weg 9, third floor, room 03-122

In the summer term 2012 MAINZ has started a new lecture series entitled “Challenges in Materials Science”. The subjects of the lectures were mainly chosen according to the main research areas of MAINZ, namely “Model Systems and Correlated Matter”, “Functional Polymers”, “Hybrid Structures”, “Bio-Related Materials” and/or according to the main Technical Training Areas, “Synthesis and Characterization”, “Theory and Simulations”, “Processing”, and “Method Development”.  

Internal or external speakers are asked to highlight in a concise lecture of about 45 minutes an exemplary area of their work. The talk will be followed by an intense discussion of the topics raised in the lecture. The lecture should not be too specialized and allow also those MAINZ students to follow who are not directly working in the field. The lecture series as a whole is intended as a survey of selected hot topics in the area of materials research. It is particularly encouraged to emphasize the challenges and the future directions in the various fields as well as the interdisciplinary cooperation which is required for achieving the scientific and/or technical goals.  

It is intended that the lecture series serves as a regular meeting point for the MAINZ students and stimulates interchange. Accordingly we will continue our previous tradition and start each lecture with a free breakfast. 


02.05.2012 Bio-Related Materials: Bio-Related Materials and Nanoparticles; Prof. K. Landfester (MPI-P)16.05.2012 Functional Polymers: Biocompatible Polymer Materials - Challenges and Innovations; Prof. H. Frey (JGU), Exceptionally at 11 a.m.!30.05.2012 Bio-Related Materials: Sticky Solutions from Nature; Dr. A. del Campo (MPI-P)13.06.2012 Correlated Matter and Model Systems: Magnetism goes Nano - Molecular Magnets; Prof. E. Rentschler (JGU)27.06.2012 Correlated Matter and Model Systems; Prof. M. Kläui (JGU) and Prof. M. Aeschlimann (TU-KL)11.07.2012 Correlated Matter and Model Systems; Prof. H. Ott (TU-KL)