PhD Position

To apply for our PhD program, please read ALL information given carefully!

You can apply if you are currently looking for a PhD project and position. Application is also possible if you have already started your PhD in the group of one of our faculty members (only possible during the first 6 months of your PhD). For outstanding applicants with a Bachelor's degree we offer a fast-track option, but applicants will be asked th fulfill additional requirements/training (up to one year) before the start of the PhD (see below).

Please contact supervisors directly for details about open PhD projects or visit the open positions section.


Fast-Track Option

Please note that students with an outstanding Bachelor of Science degree can be accepted for a PhD at the University ("fast-track" PhD) but will be asked to fulfill additional requirements/training (qualifiaction period; up to 1 year) before the start of the PhD thesis. Fast-track candidates need to be accepted by the dean's office of the respective department (08, 09 or 10 at JGU) BEFORE they can apply at MAINZ! We offer stipends for the qualification period of those candidates.