MAINZ Complementary Skills Workshop: "Poster Design"

Creating your reputation and enlarging your scientific network

Recommended for your first year of your PHD time with MAINZ

Intensive 1 day workshop
Exercise based learning
10 participants maximum
7 MAINZ participants max.
3 PRISMA participants max.

29th of September 2017
09:30 am until 05:30 pm
MAINZ seminar room

In particular for doctoral students, presentations of research findings on posters offer a good opportunity for introducing their own work at conferences in a focused manner and engaging a scientific dialogue. This entails two challenges: On the one hand the poster should be designed to that it “works” without an in-person explanation and represents the reponsilble individuals in a positive manner. On the other, the objective of the actual poster session is to clearly illustrate one’s own expertise without seeming arrogant or unsure of oneself. Many long-standing research co-operation groups started in front of poster boards.

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