Support in Conflict Situations

In very many cases, the relationship between PhD students and their supervisors is trusting and positive. This makes it possible for both sides to work in a result-oriented fashion.

In the few situations for which this is not the case, considerable problems may arise.
The dependence of PhD students on their supervisors often makes communication very difficult for both parties. Not talking can introduce a lot of tension into the situation and this usually disrupts communication altogether. This can, quite often, affect the atmosphere in the entire team.

External assistance aimed at clarification in such situations, which are characterized by irritations, misunderstandings, and conflicts, is necessary and can provide relief. However, this assistance cannot ensure that everything will be resolved. Nevertheless, non-partisan mediation can reduce tensions and open up the conflict for discussion, which can lead to the creation of realistic agreements. This is usually very helpful.

Get in touch with Katrin Klauer. The next step can be discussed either on the telephone or at a personal meeting.

This offer is available to PhD students as well as to supervisors at the MAINZ Graduate School.