The Faculty of MAINZ consists of the Principal Investigators (PIs), associated members, external faculty and senior members.

PIs are renowned scientists of international reputation who have contributed significantly to research in the area of materials science and who head a main research group participating in the structure of the school. They have full voting power in the general assembly of the school and elect the scientific members of the Steering Committee every two years during the general assembly. The PIs contribute to MAINZ by supervising doctoral students, coordinating training activities and supporting the organization and development of MAINZ. Organizational aspects include membership in MAINZ committees (Steering Committee, Selection Committee), student recruitment, and participation in the annual retreat. Other tasks include selecting candidates for outstanding achievements and awards at MAINZ, establishing a postgraduate and alumni network, inviting guests, increasing MAINZ visibility, and arranging collaborations with partners.

Associated members and external faculty must be renowned scientists in the area of materials science who support the graduate school in all respects. Associate membership can be applied for by scientists from the host universities or MPI-P. The external faculty represents scientists working outside the host universities or MPI-P who have been invited by the Steering Committee or the general assembly to support training and research of the graduate school. In contrast to PIs, associated members and external faculty do not have voting power in the general assembly of MAINZ. However, associated members and external faculty may be involved in coordinated research projects related to the school and can participate in the teaching of specialized lecture courses, thus giving important additional support to MAINZ.