International Networking

Early involvement of PhD students in international networks, e.g. through conference participation, promotes their scientific career at a very early stage. Therefore, all MAINZ PhD students are encouraged to attend international conferences. These often serve as a forum for young scientists, in which they can both present their own research to a wider audience and make themselves known to the community in their respective fields.

Furthermore, MAINZ encourages its PhD students to initiate cooperation within MAINZ and with local partners on their own, without waiting for suggestions from their supervisors. The experience of independently initiating a cooperation project strengthens the self-confidence and enhances the networking abilities of our PhD students. Thus, MAINZ endeavors to create an environment which stimulates and fosters cooperation.

  • The first and most important measure to foster cooperation is to bring the main actors, i.e. the MAINZ PhD students, together. The training program of MAINZ includes several elements where PhD students meet and discuss science. In addition, MAINZ regularly offers excursions to various companies (e.g. visits of RWE and Schott in 2010). Furthermore, MAINZ organizes an annual summer party for all members.
  • The Coordination Office of MAINZ organizes an annual retreat for all PhD students and PIs. During the retreat, PhD students present their research project either in a talk or on a poster. The purpose of the annual retreat is to strengthen the interaction within MAINZ not only at the student level, but also at the PI level. This allows our PhD students to discuss their work with the faculty of MAINZ. The participation in the MAINZ retreat is mandatory for PIs and PhD students alike.