mentMAINZ Mentoring Program

“Mentoring is building bridges into your future. To share life and work experiences in a trusting mentoring relationship with your mentor will boost your career orientation, insprire your character and support your level of professionalism.”
Katrin Klauer, Project Management Mentoring, Alumni, Graduate School MAINZ

If you, as a MAINZ PhD student, want to gain more clarity about your professional career after your doctorate, then becoming a mentMAINZ mentee will be very useful for you.

Your benefits from the mentMAINZ Mentoring Program:

  • enhance your professional orientation
  • clarify your career goal between science, industry, consulting, etc.
  • enlarge your professional network
  • gain insights into organizational cultures
  • gain insights into everyday work life
  • qualify your knowledge about leadership and managerial behavior
  • experience learning beyond scientific knowledge
  • strengthen your determination and clarity for your own career path
  • benefit from personal development and feedback

Mentoring has been identified as an important influence in professional development for both academic and non-academic careers. In particular, mentoring has established itself as an effective method in the field of professional orientation and personal development.