Steering Committee

The Steering Committee, headed by the director, usually consists of five elected PIs and the two student representatives. The PI members of the Steering Committee are elected every second year by all PIs of the school. If required, the PIs can co-opt additional members to the Steering Committee for special duties. Meetings of the Steering Committee take place at least twice per year. The Steering Committee is the main decision-making body of the school and sets annual objectives and policy aims for MAINZ in accordance with the school’s program. It oversees training and dissemination actions as well as the administrative, legal and financial status of the school. Furthermore, it decides on the readjustment of the research and training program of MAINZ and implements changes of the faculty if necessary. Therefore, the Steering Committee regularly evaluates the performance of participating PIs, ensures the quality of selection processes for PhD students by appointing a Selection Committee, and monitors the progress of the school as a whole.


The members of the MAINZ Steering Committee are:


Name  Function / Institution 
 Marie-Luise Braatz, M.Sc.  MAINZ Student Speaker, JGU
Dipl.-Chem. Cristoph Gamer  MAINZ Vice Student Speaker, JGU
 Prof. Dr. Burkard Hillebrands  Technical University of Kaiserslautern
 Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui  Director of MAINZ, University of Mainz
 Prof. Dr. Angelika Kühnle  Vice Director of MAINZ, University of Mainz
 Prof. Dr. Katharina Landfester  MPI-P
 Prof. Dr. Eva Rentschler  University of Mainz
 Prof. Dr. Carsten Sönnichsen  University of Mainz
 Prof. Dr. Siegfried Waldvogel  University of Mainz