Technical Training Areas

Research training focuses on four main technical training areas.

Advanced Synthesis and Characterization will introduce PhD students to the fundamental “art of making things”. This area builds upon outstanding know-how as well as the excellent synthesis and characterization infrastructure available at MAINZ. Theory and Simulations provides PhD students with profound knowledge of the physical and chemical principles underlying materials properties. MAINZ PIs have a strong track record in theory, especially in the field of computer simulation methods, predicting the properties and functionalities of specific compounds.

Tailoring materials properties through Processing has become increasingly important in academia, and in particular in industrial environments. Creating innovative materials and applications relies on new techniques, making Method Development a key enabler. Training in processing and method development is implemented in close cooperation with industrial partners. Leading companies, including BASF, IBM, Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Schott, have documented their commitment to actively contribute towards the MAINZ training program. Through these collaborations, we provide opportunities that go far beyond what is usually available at academic institutions.


The technical training takes place in four key

areas through training at the bench.