Thesis Committee

Each student will have an individual thesis committee of at least two experienced scientists comprising the thesis advisor (principal advisor, participating scientist) and one additional advisor (co-advisor, who can also be an associated scientist) who will meet with the PhD student on a regular basis (at least once a year) to discuss the students progress. The committee is responsible for the student’s personalised development and training, ensures the quality of the training and helps with the student’s career development.

PhD students will not only participate in training through research but also in some or in all elements of the training for researchers programme. The committee members ensure individual interaction of the PhD student with other permanent or visiting scientists of the institute in order to assist them in building up ‘their’ own scientific network. Based on the specific subject of the individual research performed, the tutors, together with each individual student, will work out and update a personalised Career Development and Training Plan (CDTP). The CDTP will list any individualised research plan, programme of self-study (for example through the review of literature) and programme of lectures, seminars, summer schools and conferneces to be attended througout the course of the PhD. The CDTP allows to define a road map and milestones to be accomplished during the course of the PhD.