Training for Life

Training for researchers is necessary to meet the challenges of a modern society and are becoming more and more important in our technology-centered and science-based world. Nowadays, after completion of a PhD, scientists are expected to have a solid science related knowledge as well as a bundle of soft-skills. Therefore, to improve the knowledge of our PhD students the evaluation of each students abilities is a key factor. Competencies must be known in order to train and develop individual skills further. Hence, PhD students at MAINZ will analyse their skills together with their thesis committee and agree upon the training required.  This way the structered training programme of MAINZ will be used by each student in a flexible and competent way and will meet the students challenges of preparing and writing a doctoral thesis to become a valued scientist.

The training for researchers programme of MAINZ includes lectures, courses/workshops, summer/winter schools as well as a complementary skills programme. However, the training through research will always be the centre of attention during the doctoral study phase. Finishing the thesis project will be the main credential of the academic skills of a MAINZ PhD student.