Training through Research

The research training opportunities provided by the MAINZ Graduate School of Excellence go far beyond the scope of a single research group. They include interdisciplinary training and an exchange of knowledge in different fields of materials science, such as ‘hard” and ‘soft” matter (inorganic-organic-biological), preparation and characterisation, as well as combining theory and experimental work.


The research training programme of MAINZ embodies elements to provide its Ph.D. students with:

  • detailed expertise in specific instrumentation and specific laboratory and data analysis skills
  • conducting research in a team environment
  • the intellectual capability to analyse complex situations and problems in a methodologically and scientifically sound and reliable manner
  • expert knowledge in the application of modern research instrumentation and computer-assisted methods in the area of materials development, quality control and safety issues
  • broad and general knowledge in the area of materials science which forms the basis of products and devices to be used in and developed for advanced technologies where materials act as drivers of innovation
  • specialised expertise including a theoretical background in methods of characterisation of materials in the context of their applications, including modern methods of processing
  • the ability to develop a personal network
  • socio-economic and ecological aspects of materials science in the context of developing and maintaining national and international wealth
  • computer-assisted methods and data mining in materials research, knowledge on how to establish simulations
  • regular delivery of oral and written reports on the progress of their research project