Complementary Skills

Complementary skills courses allow our PhD students to acquire fundamental key qualifications outside their research field. These courses are designed as part of the Training for Life concept. The program of the Centre of Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz encompasses several courses, taught in English, which are offered on a regular basis. These courses include subjects such as “The Foundations of the Philosophy of Science”, “Co-operation, Conflictand Communication”, “Scientific Publishing”, “Intercultural Communication”, and “Project, Time,and Self-Management”.

Additional to the ZQ program, MAINZ offers customized and specialized complementary skills courses focusing mostly on aspects relevant for natural scientists and given by native speakers. From the students’ feedback, the most pressing training needs are identified and realized by customized courses. Thus our PhD students are strongly involved in adapting and modifying the training program. To offer top-level courses, we invite experts from the respective fields including industry professionals, patent attorneys, business consultants and professional coaches.

You'll find a list of all upcoming MAINZ Complementary Skills Courses as well as an Archive here.