11.10.2008: Workshop: Writing good scientific papers

Workshop: Writing good scientific papers

PD Dr. Wolfgang Schärtl, Mainz University

October 11, 2008, 9.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m.

Alte Mensa, room 01-153 (basement), Becher-Weg 5

Mainz University

What the workshop is about:

Doing research is just one important part of a doctoral candidate`s work. The other important part consists in presenting the results to the scientific community by publishing papers in journals. Often the writing process turns out to be a quite difficult task. Therefore, this workshop will give assistance to doctoral candidates who already are or will soon be facing the challenge of writing a scientific paper. The workshop consists of two parts. In the morning PD Dr. Wolfgang Schärtl from the Institute of Physical Chemistry will present and discuss the principles of writing good scientific papers. In the afternoon the participants will then themselves start writing a paper in small groups. The problems that may arise throughout the writing process as well as the outcome will be presented by each group, and commented by the course instructor. This workshop aims at improving the writing skills of the participants.

Registration formalities

Target audience: foreign doctoral candidates of Mainz University in subjects belongingto chemistry, physics, biology, geology, or medicine (lab workers).

To apply for the course please write an e-mail with your name and subject to: promotionsstudien@verwaltung.uni-mainz.de

Deadline for registration: September 15, 2008. In order to guarantee an intensive personal supervision the number of participants is limited to 14.

Computers (Notebooks) will be needed.

For more information regarding the “General Post-Graduate Program” visit our website: www.promotionsstudien.uni-mainz.de/allgemeines

All information is also available in English.