The students of the Graduate School Materials Science in Mainz (MAINZ) contribute to the school not only by being excellent students and concentrating on their PhD projects. They actively shape the school with us and bring in their own ideas to create a better environment and learning conditions. To strengthen the network among MAINZ students they meet every Friday for lunch (Munch). To welcome international guests and long-term students to the graduate school the students came up with the idea of a Buddy Program to integrate foreign students into the MAINZ network. To challenge the difficulties of studying in a multidisciplinary graduate school, students changed the format of the former MAINZ Lecture Series and took responsibility for its success and progress. To overcome the frustration of oftentimes inability to publish negative results, they founded the Journal of Unsolved Questions (JUnQ). Please find all the information on those aspects under the previous links.

We highly appreciate input by our students - being it in social, scientific or other matters. We encourage all our students to take responsibility in shaping their environment and will try our best to support them in all their ideas for the future!