MOOC Spintronics

Massive Open Online Course on Spintronic with MAINZ PI Mathias Kläui started

The MAINZ open-access page online learning tool in the field of spintronics is online. The online lecture series is focused on spintronics, one of the core research areas of the physics department, and is supported by the Graduate School of Excellence Mainz “Materials science in MAINZ”.

The format allows the students to self-pace the learning process, and repeat the lectures if needed. References are provided as a complementary material for each lecture. At the end of each lecture the student is presented with a set of closed-ended questions relative to the topic just described. This is meant to provide the student with an immediate assessment of the learning experience.

The first lecture is given by Prof. Dr. Mathias Kläui, University of Mainz, on ‘Domain Wall Physics’. Upcoming lectures will, for example, provide an introduction to magnetism, to the field of spintronics, and to quantum spins. All the lectures provide an introduction of the state of the art of the subfield aimed at physics/chemistry students and are taught in English so that they can be followed by students all over the world.

The course is accessed by (login as ‘guest’, university, or openOLAT account)