Each year, an award of € 2,000 will be granted for two outstanding PhD thesis within MAINZ.

Former PhD students who achieve a degree "with distinction" and manage to coplete the MAINZ certificate are candidates for nomination by their supervisors. Supervisors will be informed by MAINZ to hand in a letter of nomination, a PDF version of the written thesis, the reports on the written thesis and the grading sheet of the PhD degree at the MAINZ Office. The MAINZ steering committee selects the recipients of the award from all nominations.

MAINZ Awardees are honored in a joint MAINZ Award Ceremony with MAINZ Visiting Professors.


MAINZ Award 2018

Dr. Fabian Letscher

Thesis title: “Nonequilibrium dynamics of driven dissipative Rydberg gases
Supervisors: Michael Fleischhauer




Dr. Kai Litzius

Thesis title: “Spin-Orbit-Induced Dynamics of Chiral Magnetic Structures
Supervisor: Mathias Kläui

Dr. Alexey Sapozhnik

Thesis title: “Magnetic Properties of Antiferromagnetic Mn2Au: Exchange Interaction and Domain Manipulation
Supervisors: Hans-Joachim Elmers and MAINZ Visiting Professor Hartmut Zabel





MAINZ Award 2017

Dr. Philipp Heller

Thesis title: “PeptoPlexes as Artificial Viruses for Nucleic Acid Vaccine Delivery
Supervisors: Matthias Barz and Rudolf Zentel





Dr. Hagen Söngen

Thesis title: “Atomic Force Microscopy at Mineral–Water Interfaces: Hydration, Chemical Identification and Point Defects
Supervisor: Angelika Kühnle





MAINZ Award 2016

Dr. Jana Herzberger

Thesis title: “Polyethers with tunable properties from tailored amino functional epoxides
Supervisor: Holger Frey




Dr. Lalita Uribe Ordonez

Thesis title: “Molecular Dynamics Study of the Mechanical Properties of Foldamers and the Metal Specificity of an Isatin Hydrolase
Supervisor: Jürgen Gauß





MAINZ Award 2015

Dr. Sven Bach

Thesis title: “Metastable Phosphates of 3d Metals – Illuminating Fundamental Crystallization and Nucleation Processes
Supervisor: Wolfgang Tremel




Dr. Antonia Statt

Thesis title: “Monte Carlo Simulations of Nucleation of Colloidal Crystals
Supervisor: Kurt Binder





MAINZ Award 2014

Dr. Markus Bannwarth

Thesis title: “Smart Magnetic Dispersions – From Switchable Release to Well-Defined Hybrid Nanofibers
Supervisor: Katharina Landfester




Dr. Isabel Schick

Thesis title: “Design of Multifunctional Janus Particles for Biomedical Applications
Supervisor: Wolfgang Tremel





MAINZ Award 2013

Dr. Leonie Mück

Thesis title: "Highly accurate quantum chemistry: spin-orbit splittings via multiference Coupled-Cluster methods and applications in heavy-atom main-group chemistry"
Supervisor: Jürgen Gauß



Dr. Christoph Schüll
Thesis title: "Multifunctional Macromolecular Architectures Based on                                                                    Hyperbranched Polyglycerol"
Supervisor: Holger Frey





MAINZ Award 2012

Dr. Anna Maria Hofmann

Thesis title: "Amphiphilic polyethers via oxyanionic polymerization: From liposomes to liquid chrystals"
Supervisor: Holger Frey




Dr. Christine Elisabeth Tonhauser (née Mangold)

Thesis title: "Tailored Epoxide Monomers as Building Units for Multifunctional Poly(ethylene glycol)"
Supervisor: Holger Frey





MAINZ Award 2011

Dr. Christina Birkel

Thesis Title: "Wet Chemistry Synthesis towards Nanostructures of Thermoelectric Antimonides"
Supervisor: Wolfgang Tremel




Dr. Christian Ohm

Thesis Title: "Preparation of defined micro- and nanometer-sized structures from liquid crystalline elastomeres"
Supervisor: Rudolf Zentel





MAINZ Award 2010

Dr. Mathias Junk

Thesis Title: "Assessing the Functional Structure of Molecular Transporters by EPR Spectroscopy"
Supervisor: Hans Wolfgang Spiess




Dr. Daniel Wilms

Thesis Title: "From Anionic Polymer Sythesis in Continous Flow to Novel Branched Macromolecules"
Supervisor: Holger Frey





MAINZ Award 2009

Dr. Daniel Kessler

Thesis title: "Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Polymers: Solution-Processible Coating Materials for defined Surface Functionalisation"
Supervisor: Rudolf Zentel




Dr. Frederik Wurm

Thesis title: "Linear Hyperbranched Copolymers: Synthesis, Properties and Bioconjugation"
Supervisor: Holger Frey