PhD Program

The Graduate School of Excellence Materials Science in Mainz (MAINZ) is an international PhD program which focuses on graduate training through excellence in research. MAINZ provides a comprehensive graduate program combining two elements: Training through Research and Training for Life. For outstanding candidates with a Bachelor's degree MAINZ offers a fast-track option. Working language at the graduate school is English.


Besides meeting the basic formal requirements given by the regulations for PhD studies of the respective university faculties, our students meet certain excellence criteria imposed by the graduate school. These include:

  • top marks in the final degree from a recognized and internationally acknowledged university;
  • top references;
  • exceptional performance of the applicant in general, resulting in shorter than average duration of study;
  • high qualification of the applicant for the advertised research project;
  • top performance at our interviews.

After careful evaluation of each application and related references, suitable candidates are invited for an interview and presentation of their previous research work. The Selection Committee evaluates each candidate and afterwards admits the most qualified candidates to the program. Preference in the selection process is given to candidates from outside the host universities, and to projects that are not simple continuations of past work, so as to broaden the exposure to new research areas. Special care is taken to enhance diversity and equal opportunities on all steps of the selection process.

Since 2007, MAINZ has accepted more than 290 students from all over the world and more than 200 PhD titles have been granted. You will find a list of current PhD Students and of our MAINZ Alumni by following the links.