Erik Schaefer concluded his PhD in February 2017

"My participation at the Mentoring Program was a highly valuable experience. The professional training helped me to reflect and identify my strengths, inner drivers and career aspirations. Based on this knowledge, I decided to accompany a crowdfunded technology startup in its exciting initial phase. I am very grateful for the unique insight into the working environment, the gained experience and the resulting network."


Hannah Pohlit concluded her PhD in December 2016

"I took the chance offered by MAINZ to attend all workshops I was interested in. Sometimes I asked myself whether I am spending too much time on courses instead of working in the lab, especially at the end of my PhD studies. Yet, only one year after my PhD defense, I can see how the seminars provide benefits not only for my professional but also for my personal life. The fact that the workshops were attended by students from different natural sciences was of particular benefit. It opened opportunities to discuss my research with experts in different fields who gave valuable input on my project from another point of view."


Stephan Köhler concluded his PhD in June 2015

"As a member of MAINZ I had the opportunity to broaden my horizon by taking soft skill classes and talking to students with different technical and cultural backgrounds.

Especially the mentMAINZ mentoring program provided an opportunity to get insights into industrial R&D and how to approach job hunting.
In big part thanks to this program, I was able to find a job at BASF where I can use the skills obtained during my PhD while maintaining the interdisciplinary exchange started in the graduate school."


Florian Golling concluded his PhD in January 2015


"The Graduate School of Material Science (MAINZ) has been an important part of my Ph.D. This becomes especially obvious in retrospect, since I have been able to deepen my scientific knowledge as well as to grow and develop personally. This ideal setting was actively provided by MAINZ.
From a scientific perspective, I have very much benefited from the opportunity to visit conferences and summer schools in America, Japan and France: at such places, I have enjoyed the inspiring atmosphere and the interaction with other researchers. The ideas and knowledge, stemming from such journeys, have contributed to the progress of my Ph.D.
On a personal level, I have greatly profited from the mentoring program and the soft skill courses. At the beginning, I underestimated their significance and value. However, I quickly came to realize that I did not frequently and systematically analyze my current situation as well as future challenges – until I had become part of MAINZ. Ever since, I have started to more consciously and critically reflect on my decisions, which has crucially helped me to decide upon my future career path.
The annual seminars and other meetings organized by the MAINZ office or students fostered the interaction with other students from different disciplines within the wide field of materials science, which I have come to enjoy a whole lot, making the time in the graduate school a thrilling and versatile experience."


Angel Medina concluded his PhD in September 2012


"The interdisciplinary and international approach of the Graduate School MAINZ provides me with ideal conditions for my research. It allows me to exchange information with other PhDs during summer schools and to learn a vast amount from others."


Inga Zins concluded her PhD in April 2011


"While at MAINZ, it was particularly important for me that there was the opportunity to meet many researchers from other work groups and to interact with other doctoral students."