Lecture Series

Our students are challenged by the fact that they are part of a multidisciplinary graduate school. Each one of them works on some aspect of materials science - but how well do they actually understand one anothers research? To get some insight into the other research groups and methods that are used, in particular when they may also be helpful for ones own project, is the main task of the lecture series. To make scientific expert talks more accessible for everyone our students invite renowned scientists themselves and introduce them with a short summary of methods and basics one should know to follow the expert talk. The students organize mostly all of the lecture series themselves. If you as a student are interested in inviting a speaker, please contact our lecture series committee. To ease up the process of inviting a speaker and moderating the discussion, we offer a training twice a year. All dates of the MAINZ Lecture Series are available online.

MAINZ Lecture Series Committee:

Katharina Breul
​AK Seiffert, JGU Mainz
Sven Heinz
​AK Kläui, JGU Mainz