Selected Publications of MAINZ PhD Students 2010

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Graf, T.; Barth, J.; Balke, B.; Populoh, S.; Weidenkaff, A.; Felser, C., Tuning the carrier concentration for thermoelectrical application in the quaternary Heusler compound CO2TiAl((1-x))Si-x. Scripta Materialia 2010, 63, (9), 925-928.

Graf, T.; Barth, J.; Blum, C. G. F.; Balke, B.; Felser, C.; Klaer, P.; Elmers, H. J., Phase-separation-induced changes in the magnetic and transport properties of the quaternary Heusler alloy Co2Mn1-xTixSn. Physical Review B 2010, 82, (10), -.

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