Upcoming MAINZ Events

Location: Beihang University (Beijing, China)

Lecture by Pulickel Ajayan(Material Science and Engineering, Rice University, USA)
introduced by Zhou Zhou

When: 9:00 am (ct)
Where: MAINZ seminar room (Staudingerweg 9, 03.122)
Free Bagels and Coffee from 9:00 am ...

Science needs trust, and trust is built by following good scientific practice. Every case of scientific misconduct destroys trust in science. Good communication is a key to safeguarding good scientific practice, next to knowing the rules.

Half day workshop for 30 participants maximum.

Markus Deserno - MAINZ Advisory Board member (Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA)

Systematic creativity describes the conscious process of creative thinking when trying to solve a problem or realize a given goal. Together with principles found in agile development, it can be a powerful tool to overcome obstacles on the way to your personal and professional success. The skills associated with this training can be applied alone or in a group setting, which also makes them highly relevant when working in a team.

Intensive 2 day workshop for 12 participants maximum.

26.10.2018: MAINZ Networking Friday

Take your chance and come in contact with our MAINZ Alumni and their professional experience! You can get in touch with interesting people in face-to-face talk in a casual exchange with drinks and snacks. For you it is a valuable way for expanding your knowledge, sharing information about career paths and getting confidence with professional networking – especially but not only, if you are looking for a mentor! It is a great possibility to build up a large network with successful people that may boost your own career in the future!

When: Friday, October 26, 4 pm until 7 pm

Where: MAINZ seminar room, Staudingerweg 9

Free drinks and snacks

This workshop concentrates on developing writing skills and strategies to improve one’s professional writing. In order to obtain this, the writer needs to be aware that there are expected norms for various structure and language found within a text. Mastering and utilizing these norms produce a text that the reader is capable of understanding the intended message of the author.

Intensive 2 day workshop for 12 participants maximum.

Galli Theater & Training Center, Wiesbaden

Self-Presentation in the way of showing ones strength confidently and authentic at the right moment is an art that has to be practiced. This seminar will provide for essential skills in order to establish a convincing manner and appearance.

Intensive 2 day workshop for 12 participants maximum. ...