Prof. Andrei Slavin

Oakland University, Department of Physics (Michigan, USA)

Prof. Slavin belongs without any doubt to the top group of theorists in the field of magnetization dynamics. His continued seminal contributions to the field of linear and nonlinear spin wave dynamics, and his discoveries of edge modes, magnetic solitons and two-dimensional bullets, his developement of dipolar boundary conditions and theory of spin wave spectra in magnetic films, and his recent comprehensive theory of magnetization dynamics induced by spin-transfer torque have all had a major Impact on the overall field of magneto-dynamics, microwave signal processing, and related magneto-electronic applications. Due to his achievements he has recently been elected Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). He also is Fellow of the American Physical Society and Distinguished Professor of the Oakland University.

Prof. Andrei Slavin's focus is on the understanding of linear and nonlinear dynamic processes in magnetism, such as spin-wave processes, spin-wave confinement effects, spin-wave instabilities and soliton/bullet excitations, parametric excitation and amplification processes including phase conjugation processes, and, in more recent time, dynamical aspects of spin momentum transfer processes. The latter processes appear if electrons travel between magnetic layers in nano-objects. Propagating though a magnetized ferromegnet electrons become spin polarized and, therefore, can carry spin angular momentum. When electrons move from one magnetic layer to a neighboring layer this angular momentum is transferred. Current-induced switching and self-sustained auto-oscillation of magnetizazion in a magnetic layer traversed by a spin-polarized current have been observed experimentally, and Prof. Slavin has provided fundamental theoretical explanation of the current-induced auto-oscillation process and has developed methods of optimization of the auto-oscillation characteristics.

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