16.-22.09.2007 Summer School "Theory of the Electronic Structure of Materials" in Königsfeld

2nd Summer School of the Graduate Class of Excellence MATCOR together with POLYMAT and the Research Unit FOR 559.

The Summer School "Theory of the Electronic Structure of Materials" will offer 20 excellent graduate and post graduate students a basic education in Theory of Materials Science ranging from Density Functional Theory, Hartree Fock Theory to Monte Carlo Simulation and related theories.

Invited speakers are for example Jürgen Kübler (Darmstadt), Wanda Andreoni (IBM Rüschlikon), Peter Blaha (TU Wien), Ove Jepsen (MPI-Stuttgart), Jan Minar (LMU München), Klaus Doll (MPI Stuttgart)and Nils Blümer (University Mainz).

Place: 78126 Königsfeld, Schwarzwald Park Hotel Königsfeld

Participants: Max. 20 students

Target group: Excellent graduate & post graduate student

We are also offering a workshop on Scientific Presenting for the participants. This lecture will be given by a former Professor of Kyoto University and physics editor of Springer-Verlag, one of the world-wide leading international publishing companies.

Part I of the course is a basic lecture

A careful introduction to scientific presenting is given together with detailed advice for researchers and advanced students on how to prepare and give good scientific talks and lectures. This instruction is also based on personal experience with the approach to scientific presenting in different countries gained as a visiting professor at various universities, in a two years' stay in Japan as a Professor of Kyoto University, e.g.

The topics discussed will be:

  • Planning a scientific presentation
  • Organisation and structure of scientific presentations
  • Ways of presenting
  • How to give a good oral presentation
  • Importance of side aspects for the success of a presentation
  • Behaviour in the discussion
  • Body language
  • Preparation of transparencies
  • Preparation of posters
  • Chairing a meeting

This lecture will help every researcher and student to improve her/his way to give scientific presentations.

Part II of the course are practical exercises

Attendees should give short (5-10 min) presentations already prepared beforehand. These presentations will be discussed and commented to improve the style.