1st MAINZ Student Seminar

July 15th-18th, 2010

Schloss Eringerfeld, Geseke (Germany)

All PhD students of MAINZ gathered for the annual scientific and social interaction at Schloss Eringerfeld. Students presented either their PhD projects or presented methods they use in their everday work to other students in paralell sessions. Invited guest speakers from the alumni of MAINZ presented their current work in plenary sessions to the whole auditorium. The scientific program was accompanied by a social program focussing on interaction and team building within the current student body.


Almost all participants of the MAINZ seminar


At one of the sessions of the workshop


Team-building efforts (some went the wrong way...)


Our internship guests of the DAAD-DFG RISE program (and one german student)


MAINZ PhD students canoeing the Lippe river


One of our "guest speakers" 😉

Photos: Yuriy Khalavka, Julian Schuelein