25.09.-30.09. 2006 1st International Summer School of MAINZ – MATCOR: Photoemission

1st International Summerschool of MAINZ - MATCOR - Photoemission

in Collaboration with FG 559 "New Materials with High Spin Polarisation" Johannes Gutenberg - University, Mainz, Germany

M. Aeschlimann (Kaiserslautern) Time resolved photoemission
M. Bauer (Kaiserslautern) Instrumentation: Photons for Photoemission
I. Bloch (Mainz) Quantum Gases, an Analogy to Electronic Structure and Photoemission
J. Braun (Munich) Theory of Spin Polarized Valenceband Photoemission
M. Donath (Münster) Spin-resolved empty-state spectroscopies
W. Eberhardt (BESSY, Berlin) Photoemission with Synchrotron Radiation
H.-J. Elmers (Mainz) Experiments in UHV
C. S. Fadley (ALS, UC Davis; USA) Synchrotron Radiation Spectroscopy, Diffraction, Holography
G. H. Fecher (Mainz) Circular Dichroism
C. Felser (Mainz) Electronic Structure Explored by Photoemission
U. Heinzmann (Bielefeld) Photoemission from Atoms and Molecules Attosecond Photoemission
J. Kirschner (MPI Halle) Spectroscopy of Two Electrons
M. Kiskinova (ELETTRA, Italy) X-Ray Micro-Spectroscopy
K. Kobayashi (SPRING 8, Japan) High Energy Photoemission
N. Koch (Berlin) Interface Energetics of contacts with conjugated organic materials
J. Morais (Porto Alegre; Brasil) Photoemission from liquids
J. Osterwalder (Zürich; Suisse) Band Mapping
G. Panaccione (ELETTRA; Italy) Magnetic Dichroism in Photoemission

New results from the VOLPE project at ESRF
T. Reich (Mainz) Photoemission in Nuclear Chemistry
F. Schäfers (BESSY, Berlin) The HIKE project at BESSY II
C. M. Schneider (Jülich) Spinresolved Photoemission from Ferromagnets
G. Schönhense (Mainz) Instrumentation: Analyzers and PEEM

Photoemission Electron Microscopy
G. Schütz (MPI; Stuttgart) X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
S. Suga (Osaka, Japan) Resonant Photoemission
D. Vollhardt (Augsburg) Correlation - Magnetism - Photoemission
C. Westphal (DELTA and Dortmund) Photoelectron Diffraction

Hot topics

Tue. 26. 9.

Photoemission and Soft Matter

  • M. Aeschlimann: Electron and Spin Dynamics in Organic Films
  • J. F. Friedrich: XPS from polymers
  • N. Koch: Interface Energetics of contacts with conjugated organic materials
  • W. Knoll: (to be announced)
  • J. Morais: Photoemission from Liquids

Thu. 28. 9.

High Energy Photoemission

  • W. Drube: Experiments for PETRA III
  • G. H. Fecher: Photoemission and the density of states, what do we see ?
  • G. Panaccione: New results from the VOLPE project at ESRF
  • K. Kobayashi: HAXPES projects at SPRING 8
  • F. Schäfers: The HIKE project at BESSY II
  • G. Schönhense: Spindetection for high energy photoemission
  • S. Suga: 3 dimensional band mapping by soft X-ray and frontier of hard X-ray photoemission

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