30.09.09 – Time and self-management

When it comes to organizing their work, students face the same problems as, for example, people working in management. In this module they are provided with an introduction to different approaches to time and self-management. This includes analyzing one’s personal effectiveness by identifying time wasters and learning how to keep an activity log. Students are taught how to set work priorities by classifying their goals and arranging them in 4 categories resulting from different combinations of urgency and importance (Eisenhower principle). They learn how to set up action plans and prioritized to-do-lists, and are introduced to the rules for effective scheduling. The students are shown how to tackle the time wasters they have identified in the beginning and are given a quick introduction to Speed Reading.

The lecture is rounded off with an overview and practical exercises introducing various creativity techniques suitable for different purposes, e.g. brainstorming, mindmapping, and the decision tree, as well as some memo techniques that enhance the capacity for remembering things.