Career Coaching

For a successful career start after completion of your doctorate, it is very halpful to have clear ideas about your middle-term career goals and about where and how you want to start your career. This can help you to design your job application process strategically.
At the same time, it is necessary for you to be aware of your strengths and competences. This helps you to adopt a good position in your letters of application and in job interviews.

Career coaching is the appropriate method for reflecting on these questions and for gaining orientation. In particular, if you didn’t participate in the mentMAINZ Mentoring Program, it is an excellent way to recognize important career incentives.
In addition, career coaching can help you to make decisions about whether to pursue a career within or outside of academia.

The individual career coaching is complemented by offers facilitated in groups.
Within the framework of your career orientation, it is recommended that you attend the MAINZ Workshop Application & Assessment, which is held once a year, as well as the MAINZ Application Talk, which is offered regularly. Further information is available in the MAINZ Workshop Newsletter, which is sent to you regularly by email, or on the MAINZ homepage.

Under Career Links you will find interesting sites that are relevant for your job application phase.

Also as a former PhD Student in MAINZ, you can especially take advantage of our career coaching offer.