Complementary Skills: Professional X-Culture

October 30 - 31, 2013

Date and time: October 30 -31, 2013 9 am - 6.30 pm

Location: MAINZ Seminar Room, Staudinger Weg 9, 3rd floor, room 03-122

Trainer: Alexia Petersen


This very practical course is targeted at PhD students and aims at providing participants with not only the tools for dealing with intercultural communication issues in their present academic intercourse, but also a wider framework for their future professional tasks in leadership positions of project management.

Your benefits from participation

  • Acquire a solid groundwork for understanding how very different “cultural values frameworking” shapes work behaviour Where are the typical conflict interfaces of “silence” and “talk” in cross-cultural work communication?
  • Acquire structural tools with which to translate cultural awareness into strategic action plans How does the clash between “silence” and “talk” communication impact learning and supervision styles? How can the “silence barrier” be dealt with proactively?
  • Transfer learning by using personal work experiences How can misinterpreted cultural behaviour result in inaccurate assessment of professional competence? How can the best intentions unintentionally communicate the most negative message?
  • Learn to recognise the hidden conflicts in “international English” How does the silence/talk conflict play out on the language level (e.g emails)? How might “perfect” English play no role in the communication of accurate meaning?

Workshop Framework

Awareness is essential for conscious action. But conceptual awareness must also be “operationalised” into diagnostic tools for reliable problem assessment and solving in order for it to be truly useful. Groundwork will be balanced with methods and tools which will be illustrated using examples. Participants will perform authentic case-study-based tasks to transfer knowledge and skills for culture-approriate action strategies. A balanced mixture of trainer input with group exercises and discussions will encourage participants to explore relevant issues and reassess their own experiences within a clear framework.

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