Conference Participation in 2007

Presentations of MAINZ PhD students at conferences in 2007
26.11.2007 - 30.11.2007
Thin Films, Oberwesel (Germany)

Tarantola, Marco

Talk: Vertical cell matility probed with QCM and AFM

14.10.2007 - 19.10.2007
International Conference on the Applications of the Mößbauer Effect (ICAME 2007), Kanpur (India)

Jung, Verena

Talk: Mößbauer Spectroscopy of Co2Mn1-xFexAl and Co2Mn1-xFexAl

Poster: Tin in silicat glasses: Structure Thermodynamics and Kinetics

17.09.2007 - 21.09.2007
E-MRS Fall Meeting, Warsaw (Poland)

Khalavka, Yuriy

September 20, 12:15-03:00 p.m.

Talk: Growth of gold tips onto hyperbranched CdTe nanostructures

Khalavka, Yuriy; Ohm, Christian

Talk: Enhanced thermal stability of gold and silver nanorods through thin surface layers

09.09.2007 - 11.09.2007
Bayreuth Polymer Symposium 2007, Bayreuth (Germany)

Wiss, Kerstin; Barz, Matthias

Poster: Controlled radical polymerization of monomers with acetal side groups

15.07.2007 - 19.07.2007
SOCOBIM, Citta del Mare (Sicily)

Köller, Tetyana

Poster: Salt concentration and particle density dependence of electrophoretic mobilities of spherical colloids in aqueous suspension

14.07.2007 - 18.07.2007
European Biophysics Congress, London (UK)

Baciu, Christina

Poster: Lipid Membrane Based Biosensor using Plasmon Resonance Spectroscopy

20.06.2007 - 22.06.2007
4th World Conference on Drug Absorption, Tansport and Delivery (4th WCDATD), Kanazawa (Japan)

Barz, Matthias

March 22, 02:00-04:00 p.m.

Poster: Smectic main-chain LC-elastomers by photocrosslinking of functionalized polymers

Session Info: Poster Session I, P15