Conference Participation in 2009

Presentations of MAINZ PhD students at conferences in 2009
14.12.2009 - 15.12.2009
BIOTEC Forum, Probing the Cell, Dresden (Germany)

Zins, Inga

Poster: Due to their small size and excexptional properties - large scattering and absorption cross-section -, gold nanoparticles gain increasing interest

06.12.2009 - 10.12.2009
11th Pacific Polymer Conference, Cairns (Australia)

Ohm, Christian

December 9, 4:40 p.m.

Talk: Synthesis of Liquid Crystalline Micro-Actuators in a Microfluidic Setup

Session Info: W6

30.11.2009 - 04.12.2009
Materials Research Society Fall Meeting 2009, Boston (USA)

Graf, Tanja

December 2, 08:00 p.m.

Poster: Structural and Magnetic Properties of the Two Phase Quarternary Heusler Alloy Co2Mn(1-x)TixSn

Session Info: E7

Koll, Dominik; Birkel, Alexander

Poster: Towards nanostructured photovoltaic devices based on ordered valve metal oxide-nanotubes

Schladt, Thomas

Poster: Synthesis of multifunctional manodisperse MnO nanocrystals as potential hybrid materials for biomedical applications

Schneider, Kerstin; Schladt Thomas

Poster: Design of new contrasting agents for MRI: Water soluble metal oxide nanoparticles for in vitro and in vivo studies

19.11.2009 - 20.11.2009
IMM Young Scientists' Workshop, Mainz (Germany)

Utech, Stefanie

November 20, 09:20 a.m.

Talk: Multifunctional magnetic core-shell nanocomposites for biomedical applications

04.10.2009 - 07.10.2009
8th International Conference on Advanced Polymers via Macromolecular Engineering, Dresden (Germany)

Hofmann, Anna Maria

Poster: Liposomes with hyperbrancher polyglycerol anchor groups: Synthesis and characterization of novel stealth architectures

24.09.2009 - 26.09.2009
17. Jahrestagung AG Radiochemie/Radiopharmazie, Altenberg (Germany)

Moderegger, Dorothea
September 25, 10:45-11:00 a.m.
Talk: Markierung HPMA-basierter Polymere mit [18F]FETos zur in vivo Bildgebung mittels Positronen Emissions Tomographie (PET)

20.09.2009 - 23.09.2009
SPIE Laser Damage Symposium on Optical Materials for High Power Lasers, Boulder (USA)

Rix, Stephan

September 21, 10:40-11:40 a.m.

Poster: A model for long-term laser damage in calcium fluoride

Session Info: Fundamental Mechanisms Posters

17.09.2009 - 18.09.2009
Meeting on Controlled Radical Polymerizations, Ol Fosse d'Outh, Houffalize (Belgium)

Wiss, Kerstin; Roth, Peter

Poster: Combining RAFT polymerization & activated ester chemistry to a versatile tool for bioconjugation

13.09.2009 - 16.09.2009
Conjugated Oligomers and Polymers, From Synthesis to Electronic Function, Blaubeuren (Germany)

Schwab, Matthias

Poster: Conjugated Tris(1,10-phenanthroline) Macrocycles with Hexagonal Planar Cavity

11.09.2009 - 12.09.2009
COST D38 Joint Working Group Meeting "Metal-Based Systems for Molecular Imaging", Florence (Italy)

Moderegger, Dorothea
September 12, 03:00-03:20 p.m.
Talk: 18F-labelling of polymer structures for drug delivery

07.09.2009 - 11.09.2009
23. International Conference ECIS, Antalya (Turkey)

Köller, Tetyana

Poster: Measuring Flow Profiles in Colloidal Systems by Super-Heterodyne Maser Doppler Velocimetry

06.09.2009 - 11.09.2009
23rd ECIS Conference, Antalya (Turkey)

Roth, Marcel

Talk: Network formation in liquid crystal-colloidal-suspension

30.08.2009 - 04.09.2009
Gordon Research Conference on Solid State Chemistry, Oxford (UK)

Naghavi, Seyed

Poster: Electronic Structure of FeSe

14.08.2009 - 20.08.2009
ACS Fall Meeting 2009, Washington (USA)

Barz, Matthias

August 19, 02:40-03:00 p.m.

Talk: Functional HPMA based nanoparticles: Defined complex structures as a basis for in vitro application

Session Info: COLL-527; Nanoscience in Polymer Chemistry

Flügel, Sabine

Talk: Towards perfect nano networks

Session Info: COLL-016

Scherer, Christian

Talk: Synthesis of hollow poly(organosiloxane) nanoparticles soluble in aqueus media

Session Info: COLL-551

26.07.2009 - 31.07.2009
International Symposium in Ionic Polymerization, Krakow (Poland)

Hofmann, Anna Maria

Poster: Hyperbranched Polyglycerol-based Liposomes via Oxyanionic Polymerization: a Novel Type of Stealth Structure?

Session Info: P32

Obermeier, Boris; Wurm, Frederik

Poster: Linear Hyperbranched Block Copolymers Based on Poly(butadiene) and Poly(glygercol)

26.07.2009 - 30.07.2009
14th International Conference on Biological Inorganic Chemistry (ICBIC14), Nagoya (Japan)

Pütz, Anna-Maria; Jung, Martin

Poster: New model complexes for nickel and copper containing enzymes

19.07.2009 - 24.07.2009
51st Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on Analytical Chemistry, Denver (USA)

Junk, Matthias

Poster: Human Serum Albumin: A biological model system for DEER

12.07.2009 - 17.07.2009
European Polymer Congress, Graz (Austria)

Jiménez García, Lucía

Talk: Proton-conducting organic molecules as separator materials for fuel cell applications

Schwab, Matthias

Poster: Catalyst-free Preparation of Melamine-Based Microporous Polymer Networks through Schiff Base Chemistry

05.07.2009 - 08.07.2009
14th International Symposium on Field- and Flow-based Separations (FFF 2009), Patras (Greece)

Scherer, Christian

Talk: Influence on the ionic strength and of different electrolytes on the retention of asymetrical flow field-flow fractionation (AF-FFF)

Session Info: T15

Talk: Semi-preparative separation by circular asymmetrical flow field-flow eluator (CAFFFE)

Session Info: T24

Noskov, Sergey; Scherer, Christian

Talk: Characterization of multifunctional polymer nanoparticles by asymmetric flow field-flow fractionation BOTH, in aqueous dispersion and in organic solvents

Session Info: T13

20.06.2009 - 21.06.2009
Gordon Research Seminar Polymers, South Hadley (USA)

Willerich, Immanuel

Poster: Switchable nanoassemblies from cationic dendrimers and organic dye counterions by "electrostatic self-assembly"

07.06.2009 - 09.06.2009
Frontiers in Polymer Science, Mainz (Germany)

Bantz, Christoph

Poster: Synthetic nanoparticles in lung tissue models

Session Info: P2-4

Barz, Matthias

Poster: Biological evaluation of functional HPMA based statistic copolymers and block copolymers: Influence of polymer architecture on particle uptake and distribution

Session Info: P2-123

Feist, Florian

Poster: Fluorescence Excitation and Emission Spectroscopy of Single Conjugated Polymer Chains at 1.2K

Session Info: P1-43

Flügel, Sabine

Poster: Towards Perfect Nano Networks

Session Info: P1-159

Haberkorn, Niko

Poster: Template-Assisted Fabrication of Arrays of Polymeric, Hole-Conducting Nanorods Embedded in an Electron-Conducting Polymer: Towards Ordered Bulk-Heterojunction Solar Cells

Session Info: P2-55

Jiménez García, Lucía

Poster: Organic Proton-Conducting Crystals

Session Info: P3-154

Kessler, Daniel

Poster: Highly Crosslinked Polymer Films for Microfluidic or Optoelectronic Devices

Session Info: P1-103

Krohne, Korinna

Poster: Topologically Controlled Inter-Polyelectrolyte-Complexes

Session Info: P2-94

Kühn, Frauke

Poster: Kinetics of Complex Formation between DNA and Cationically Charged Cylindrical Brush Polymers Observed by Stopped Flow Light Scattering

Session Info: P2-3

Müller, Waltraut

Poster: Hydrophobic Shell Loading of PB-b-PEO Vesicles

Session Info: P2-8

Ohm, Christian

Talk: A Continuous Flow Synthesis for Microscopically Structured Actuators based on Liquid Crystalline Elastomers

Session Info: P2-41

Roth, Peter

Poster: Orthogonal alpha, omega Functionalization of Stimulus Responsive Polymers

Session Info: P1-32

Scherer, Christian

Poster: Synthesis and Characterization of biomodal Polyorganosiloxane Nanoparticles

Session Info: P1-154

Schwab, Matthias

Poster: Catalyst-free preparation of high surface area polymers through Schiff base chemistry

Session Info: P2-148

Steidl, Lorenz

Poster: Non-ionic photo-acid generators for applications in two-photon lithography

Session Info: P1-95

Utech, Stefanie

Poster: Multifunctional Magnetic Core-Shell Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications

Session Info: P2-1

Wilms, Daniel

Poster: The Versatility of a Microstructured Device for Fast Polymer Synthesis in Continuous Flow

Session Info: P1-40

Wiss, Kerstin

Poster: Synthesis of Polymer-b-Peptide-b-Poymer-Conjugates via Activated Ester Chemistry

Session Info: P2-17

Wurm, Frederik; Obermeier, Boris

Poster: Linear-Hyperbranched Block Copolymers - A New Class of Orthogonally Reactive Polyfunctional Materials

Session Info: P1-41

Zorn, Matthias

Poster: Polymer-Nanoparticle Composites: Self Assembly and Improved Functionalities

Session Info: P1-91

26.04.2009 - 30.04.2009
AIChe Spring National Meeting, Tampa (USA)

Ohm, Christian

April 29, 08:55 a.m.

Talk: A Continuous Flow Synthesis for Microscopically Structured Actuators Based on Liquid Crystalline Elastomers

Session Info: #90

14.04.2009 - 17.04.2009
MRS Spring Meeting, San Francisco (USA)

Yella, Aswani

Poster: Low melting metal catalysed growth of inorganic nanotubes

22.03.2009 - 27.03.2009
DPG Spring Meeting, Dresden (Germany)

Eichhorn, Tobias; Jenkins, Catherine

Poster: Magnetic control of twinning structure in thin Ni2MnGa films

Session Info: MA 21.6

Herbort, Christian

Poster: Thin films of the Heusler compounds Co2FeAl and Co2FeAlO.6SiO.4

Session Info: MA 13.53

Jenkins, Catherine

Poster: Inverstigations on the MTJ interface Co2MnSi-MgO using electron spectroscopy with X-ray standing wave excitation

Session Info: MA 11.13

Jenkins, Catherine; Eichhorn, Tobias

Poster: Thin film growth and shape memory in the Heusler compound Mn2NiGa

Session Info: Ma 13.26

Kozina, Xeniya

Poster: Hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of Heusler materials

Session Info: MA 14.10

Kutnyakhov, Dmytro

Poster: Magnetooptical properties (MOKE) of spin valves based on Co, Cu or Au

Ludwig, Christian; Jenkins, Catherine

Poster: Hard X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy of chalcopyrite based solar cells

Session Info: HL 48

Medyanyk, Kateryna; Naghavi, Seyed; Kutnyakhov, Dmytro

Poster: Electronic Structure of the Hexaketo- and Hexamethoxy-Substituted Coronene Nanographenes on Au

Talk: Evidence of Charge Transfer in UHV-Desposited Coronenehexaone and Hexamethoxycoronene Sandwich Layers

Rix, Stephan

March 24, 03:00 p.m.

Talk: Defect structures in CaF2 for optical applications

Session Info: MM 16.4

Roth, Marcel

Talk: Network formation in liquid crystal-colloidal-suspensions

Session Info: DY 24.5

20.03.2009 - 27.03.2009
ACS Spring Meeting, Salt Lake City (USA)

Hilf, Stefan

Talk: Oligo(thiopheneamide) graftcopolymers by ROMP

Session Info: 352

Poster: Sacrficial synthesis unlimited? A novel functionalization method for ROMP extended and evaluated

Session Info: 374

Klos, Johannes

Talk: Poly(thiopheneamide)s: A new class of photoactive and conjugated polymers

Session Info: 325

Müller, Waltraut

Talk: Hydrophobic shell loading of PB-b-PEO vesicles

Wilms, Daniel

Talk: Advanced control over glycidol polymerization: Hyperbranched polyglycerols via macroinitiators

Session Info: 41

Wurm, Frederik

Talk: Linear-hyperbranched block copolymers: A progress report

Session Info: 170

Poster: Aliphatic linear-hyperbranched block copolymer amphiphilies

Session Info: 296

Poster: Linear-hyperbranched block copolymers containing metalorganic blocks

Session Info: 297

19.03.2009 - 20.03.2009
Joint Symposium DRG and ProcessNet-FA Rheologie, Berlin (Germany)

Roth, Marcel

March 19, 04:19 p.m.

Poster: Rheology of the network formation in liquid-colloidal suspensions

16.03.2009 - 20.03.2009
APS March Meeting 2009, Pittsburgh (USA)

Söffing, Stefan

March 16, 02:30 p.m.

Talk: Wigner crystal vs. Friedel oscillations in the 1D Hubbard model

Session Info: D36, Carbon Nanotubes: Low Temperature Electronic Properties; Room 408

15.03.2009 - 19.03.2009
First International Conference on Multifunctional-, Hybrid- and Nanomaterials, Tours (France)

Scherer, Christian

Talk: Synthesis and characterization of biomodal poly(organosiloxane) nanoparticles

Utech, Stefanie

Talk: Multifunctional magnetic core-shell nanocomposites for biomedical application

Vogel, Nicolas

Talk: Laterally patterned ultraflat substrates: construction and applications

12.03.2009 - 15.03.2009
17th Annual Meeting of the German Cristallographic Society, Hannover (Germany)

Schladt, Thomas

Poster: Synthesis and characterization of monodisperse MnO nanoparticles

26.02.2009 - 27.02.2009
Workshop "Modellierung und Simulation kolloidaler Systeme", DFG SPP 1273 - Kolloidverfahrenstechnik, Halle (Germany)

Roth, Marcel

Poster: Mechanical properties of colloids: Aggregation in suspension and single particles

25.02.2009 - 28.02.2009
ZING Conference on Solid State Chemistry, Cancun (Mexico)

Naghavi, Seyed

Poster: Electronic structure of FeSe

16.02.2009 - 20.02.2009
DFG Project Meeting SPP1165, Berlin (Germany)

Yella, Aswani

Talk: Synthesis of inorganic nanotubes

05.01.2009 - 07.01.2009
424th Heraeus Seminar "Magnetism meets Semiconductors – Spin Phenomena in Heterostructures and Novel Materials", Bad Honnef (Germany)

Graf, Tanja

Poster: The Heusler Compounds Co2TiZ (Z=Al, Si, Ge, Sn) as Thermoelectric Materials

Kozina, Xeniya

Poster: High energy photoemission on Heusler thin films