Efficient Reading

Read Quicker, Better and Smarter

Recommended for the first year of your PHD time with MAINZ

Intensive 2 day workshop
Exercise based learning
12 participants maximum

16-17 of April 2015
Day One: 09 am until 05 pm
Day Two: 09 am until 03 pm
This workshop will take place in Kaiserslautern!
Travel costs and hotel accomodation will be paid
for MAINZ students from Mainz.

A systematic training approach will increase your reading speed and mental alertness. The exercises are designed to expand your working memory and therefore allow you to comprehend and retain more text information in the same time frame. Throughout this process you will learn an effective reading method, which you can integrate in your daily reading to ensure long term results.

What you will learn

  • Intensify your level of concentration
  • Enhance your text comprehension skills
  • Advance your text remembrance capacity
  • Increase your reading speed by 50-100%

How you will be able to behave after the workshop

  • You will be able read any regular text material 1,5 - 2 times as fast as before without loss of information.
  • You will read scientific text material slightly faster than before with higher and more enduring concentration.
  • You will generally be more efficient in your reading.

What makes it important?
Reading is unarguably one of the most important skills we learn during school. However, traditional school systems only lead us to the second level of three potential reading competence levels. Taking an additional course in “Efficient Reading” enables you to reach the third and highest competence level in reading, which makes reading an even more valuable skill.

The three competence levels in reading are:
1. Reading syllable by syllable through vocalizing (early school years)
2. Reading word by word through subvocalizing (regular reading skill)
3. Reading word group by word group through processing visual chunks of information (after attendance of an “Efficient Reading” course.

How you will be working during the Workshop - Workshop Framework
The course is highly result oriented. At the beginning and the end of the training you will have the opportunity to take a reading test, measuring your reading speed as well as your level of text comprehension and text remembrance. This approach allows you to measure your individual success.
On the first day you will read texts provided by the trainer. On the second day you can apply the learned methods on your own text material. Throughout the workshop you will read texts reaching from easy to complex.

Who should attend - Workshop Participants
This workshop is especially beneficial for students who would like to read more.

MAINZ recommandation:
Within the 1st year of your doctorate!

Your trainer – Profile + Experiences
Jonas Ritter taught his method on Harvard Business School and is a regular lecturer for the international Max Planck Society.
Jonas Ritter is a developer and trainer for advanced learning strategies. His customers include Google, Ericsson, Siemens, Infineon Technologies, the German Aerospace Center, Roland Berger, Daimler, PricewaterhouseCoopers and many more. He has taught speed reading and efficient reading since 2003.