Impress for success with Coachdogs®

Intensive 2 day workshop 17th - 18th May 2018
Exercise based learning from 09.00 am - 05.00 pm
12 participants maximum
MAINZ seminar-room 03-122

Inner attitudes, behaviors and effects
Self-perception and external perception
Communication, body language and presence
Confidence and inner clarity for more effectiveness

Your attitudes and core values are the cornerstones of your success. Many people find animal-assisted personal development a very appreciative and rich experience. The dogs' honest and non-judgmental reaction helps us understand and question our thought patterns and behaviors. The emotional experiences of animal-assisted training and coaching help us achieve quick, effective and lasting learning outcomes and boost our development. Our “four-legged assistant coaches” teach us to communicate clearly, lead with confidence, be persuasive and act with resolve.

What you will learn / Issues we talk about

  • Confidence: how you act shows what you believe
  • Clear communication: meaningful dialog that's both challenging and encouraging
  • Presence: body language, gestures, facial expressions and performance
  • Self-guidance: Inner clarity, focus and goal setting
  • How to improve awareness and effectiveness

Behaviors you will learn / How you will be able to behave after the workshop

  • Find inner peace and calm for self-reliance
  • Make confident decisions and draw boundaries
  • Trust in yourself and in others
  • Take responsibility, act consistently and with resolve
  • Build confidence through inner clarity

Why it matters / What makes it important

Your success is based on your attitude. If you tackle challenges with confidence and stick to your values, it affects how others see you. Do you sense what others need? What makes you who you are? Where and for what do you stand in different situations, contexts and interactions?

When interaction fails, it's rarely over facts, but on the relationship level. How you act and how you come across determines, if other people trust in you and your capacities. This seminar builds awareness for your inner attitudes. We teach you concrete tools to understand and develop your personality.

Workshop topics / This will be major topics during the Workshop

  • Develop the attitude, confidence and inner clarity to be effective
  • How inner attitudes & actions affect people’s image of you
  • Self-perception and external perception
  • Communication and body language
  • Many practical exercises with our coachdogs®, including video analysis, reflection and exchange

What we do in the workshops / Workshop Framework

This training teaches you about the theoretical models of communication, effectiveness and self-management and how to apply them. Exercises with our coachdogs® let you test the theories in practice. Later we analyze videos of these exercises to find applications for your daily business.

Who is it for / Workshop Participants

This intense session gives you deeper insight into your own behaviors, which are often subconscious. Our coachdogs® help you practice how to engage colleagues and business partners with confidence, the right attitude and inner clarity. Interacting with the dogs, you experience that you can only be confident when you are clear about yourself.

Your trainer - profile & experience

Michaela Knabe, owner of the coachdogs® Academy

  • Instructor for trainers and coaches
  • Licensed as Trainer & Business and Management Coach by the E.C.A. European Coaching Association
  • Communication and resilience trainer
  • Team and conflict coach
  • State-certified marketing communication expert
  • Degree in organizational psychology