Lecture Announcement

Special lecture for students of MAINZ

Modulvorlesung for chemistry students
Vorlesung zu den AC- Wahlpflichtmodulen 1,2,3 und 4
AC- Wahlpflichtmodul 1 " Magnetische Werkstoffe"

Modern Magnetic Materials

Prof. Dr. Eva Rentschler, Dr. habil. Peter Adler

Date: 25. 06. 2012 – 27. 06. 2012
Time: 9:15 am – 12 pm
Location: Geb. 2.413, Staudingerweg
Room: 03-122 (MAINZ lecture room)
Change of the room will be necessary on June 27. Announcement will be during the lecture time before

Language: Depending on the language skills of the participants the
lectures will be held either in German or in English


I Basics
1. Definitions
2. Diamagnetism
3. Paramagnetism – Van Vleck equation
4. Paramagnetism of free ions – Curie law and Brillouin function

II Paramagnetic ions in complexes and solid state
1. Paramagnetism of rare earth ions
2. Paramagnetism of 3d transition metal ions
3. Spin – Orbit coupling – Zero Field Splitting
4. Magnetism of metal ions with A- and E- Term ground states
5. Magnetism of metal ions with T-Term ground state

III Magnetic exchange interaction
1. Magnetism of dimers
2. Oligonuclear cluster compounds: trimers
3. Spin exchange vs. spin frustration

IV Magnetic ordering phenomena and magnetic nanoparticles
1. Ferromagnetism – Molecular field theory
2. Hysteresis and Weiss domains
3. G- and A-type antiferromagnetism
4. Ferrimagnetism
5. Magnetic nanoparticles : synthesis, properties and applications
6. Superparamagnetism

V Microscopic models of the exchange interaction
1. Magnetostructural correlations
2. Goodenough-Kanamori rules
3. Natural magnetic orbitals

VI High-TC Molecule-based magnets

VII Single Molecule Magnets