MAINZ Alumni Meeting 2016

October 29th to 30th, 2016
Schlosshotel Sörgenloch at Sörgenloch, Germany

Dear MAINZ Alumni,

We had a great time welcoming you for this unique get-together!


Program starts: at 11am on Oct 29th, 2016
Program ends: around 1pm on Oct 30th, 2016
Program: networking, active group program. dinner, brunch
Participants: MAINZ Alumni, MAINZ representatives and additional professors for brunch
Accommodation: Schloss Sörgenloch in double rooms on MAINZ invitation (or single rooms at private surcharge)

Dr. Bernd Reckmann, former member of the Executive Board of Merck KGaA and current member of the Board of E. Merck KG, held a keynote speech at the meeting.

As it is in our interest to enhance your options for networking with MAINZ Alumni today and in the future, please note that the future MAINZ Alumni Meetings will always take place on the last weekend of October.

Edeltraud Eller & Michael Fuchs
MAINZ Coordination Office

Désirée Weller & Robert Lindner
MAINZ Alumni Speaker