MAINZ Complementary Skills Workshop: "Clarifying Communication – Mastering Crucial Conversations!"

Don´t minimize your message and stay at the same time in a trustful dialogue

Intensive 2 day workshop
learn – reflect - try out
maximujm 12 participants

November 16 and 17, 2017
09:00 am until 5:30 pm

MAINZ seminar room

Communication in crucial and conflictual situations is challenging for all of us:
Not minimizing our message and at the same time staying in a trustful dialogue would be great. This will make us first of all feel better in these crucial situations. And at the same time, this competency of clarifying communication is essential for our professional success in organisations dealing with cooperation on an every day basis.
We need this competency irrespective of the career path we take. As well in academia as in economy, for any kind of role with regards to cooperation, project management or leadership, we need to master communication in crucual situations.

What you will learn

  • Recognize and understand dynamics in communication
  • Reflect and assess the own behavior in communication
  • Recognize and be able to de-escalate critical situations
  • Deal with emotions in communication
  • Get to know a toolbox for clarifying communication

How you will be able to behave after the workshop

  • Communicate more effectively in crucial situations
  • Act with more confidence in challenging interpersonal situations
  • Have a share to clarify irritations and conflicts
  • Configure private relationships more clearly and reliable
  • Configure professional relationships more clearly, reliable and efficient
  • Offer sustainable contribution for results in teams

Why mastering crucial conversations is an essential professional competency

Topics relevant to organisational success ask fort he mastery in communication:

  • Negotiation for resources and deadlines
  • Shaping interfaces in project teams, amongst colleagues, with the leadership
  • Feedback regarding quality or performance
  • Feedback regarding inappropriate behavior
  • das Feedback auf unangemessenes oder nicht dienliches Verhalten
  • Asking for a more motivational leadership

What you learn in this workshop enlarges your professional competencies as well as it has the chance to make you happier in private life.

How we will work in this workshop

  • Focussed content inputs
  • Working topics out in small groups
  • Reflecting personal behavior, individually and with a sparring partner
  • Working on a personal case in ordert o prepare one specific upcoming conversation
  • Trying out new tools in role plays in small groups

At any time, it is your decision what to share in the plenum regarding your personal case!
All participants receive a pre-work via email for her/his own preparation. This is key to your personal learning throughout the workshop. It will take you 30 minutes to prepare.

Who should participate

This workshop is interesting and useful for everybody who wants to strengthen her/his communication regarding crucial situations and interpersonal issues.

MAINZ recommendation:
Within your time at MAINZ!

Trainer – profile and experience

Edeltraud Eller conducts people and leadership development since 2003. As Master of Business Administration, Edeltraud has more than 8 years of professional and leadership experience in the private economy and almost 3 years experience as General Manager in the non-profit-field. She is working with leaders and their teams. She trains in the fields of leadership development in the private economy as well as in academia. Edeltraud is educated as trainer, coach, facilitator of team processes and mediator. In the fields of communication and crucial conversations, she has trained more than 950 people in her workshops, as well in Germany as throughout EMEA.

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