MAINZ Complementary Skills Workshop: "Good Scientific Practice"

Workshop on Good Practice and Communication in Science


Half-day workshop                                                14 September 2018
Exercise based learning                                       1:30 pm until 18pm
30 participants maximum                                     MAINZ seminar room


Science needs trust, and trust is built by following good scientific practice. Every case of scientific misconduct destroys trust in science. Good communication is a key to safeguarding good scientific practice, next to knowing the rules.


What you will learn

  • Fundamental ideas of good scientific practice
  • Forms of scientific misconduct to avoid
  • Asking questions and giving feedback about scientific practice
  • Conducting conversations about collaboration and authorship


This will be major topics during the Workshop

  • Guidelines by the university and the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.
  • How to give feedback on a critical topic.
  • Case studies from the natural sciences


How you will be working during the Workshop

Throughout the workshop, professional input from the trainer will alternate with group discussions of relevant issues. You will practice giving feedback and engage in discussions of the case studies taking the role of one of the scientists involved.


Who should attend - Workshop Participants

This workshop is most useful for PhD students or postdocs who actively work on a scientific project and strive to publish their results.


Your trainer – Profile + Experiences

Roland Bennewitz is a professor for experimental physics and has given advice in science-related conflicts as ombudsperson for good scientific practice for many years. He is also a certified mediator.