Besides meeting the basic formal requirements given by the regulations for PhD studies of the respective university faculties, our candidates are only accepted to our program when they also meet the excellence criteria imposed by the graduate school. These include:

  • top marks in the final degree from a recognized and internationally acknowledged university;
  • top references;
  • exceptional performance of the applicant in general, resulting in shorter than average duration of study;
  • high qualification of the applicant for the advertised research project;
  • top performance at our interviews.

Interested candidates who are about to receive or have already obtained an excellent Master's or outstanding Bachelor's degree in physics, chemistry, biology or related fields can apply, if there is mutual interest from a member of the MAINZ Faculty. Fluency in English is required and must be proven. Knowledge of German is not essential, but advantageous.

To evaluate the quality of the exams, we follow international standards. Competition for the available positions is strong. To be considered for the program, the final grade of the degree must be equivalent or better to the grade "very good" for diploma students (final degree at least 1,5 equivalent to the Greman educational system) or "good" in a Masters degree (equivalent to 2,0 in the German educational system). The following guidelines for selected countries and regions indicate an approximation of the required minimum level:

  • China: minimum 80% or GPA 3.2/4.0
  • Europe: minimum grade of 5.0/6.0
  • India: First Division with distinction (80% or GPA 8/10 with NET/CSIR) applications from IITs and the IIS are especially welcome.
  • Pakistan: minimum 80% or GPA 4.0/5.0

In case that you meet these criteria, please visit how to apply.