Soft Skills: Job Hunting an Interview Skills

January 13, 2011 or February 3, 2011

by Robert Thompson, RTTA Ltd -Outstanding Interpersonal Skills for Research Scientists, UK

at MAINZ Seminar room (03-122) at Staudinger Weg 9, Mainz

Workshop Style

The workshop will not be a lecture. Instead, it will take the form of an open discussion forum to help facilitate ideas and develop strategies. Attendees will be encouraged to recount their personal experiences and anecdotes which will be used as a starting point for the discussion. Such an approach ensures that authentic scenarios and case histories relevant to all participants will be worked on.

The workshop structure will be flexible to allow spontaneous discussion of topics as they arise. Moreover, as there is a need to see how things fit together, both in relation to each other and in the wider picture, issues will be explored from a wide variety of perspectives.

All attendees will be polled before the workshop to determine their specific areas of interest. This ensures that the workshop is covers the areas that are most beneficial to each person.