If you wish to perfom an internship at one of the research groups of our graduate school the incoming option of our internships is the right choice for you.

Prior to the official application process (starting with submission of your documents) you need to select and convince a supervisor from the MAINZ faculty to offer an internship to you!

Afterwards, you need to submit the following documents to MAINZ (by Email

  • Your motivation letter
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Copies of your outstanding undergraduate exam (up to GPA 3.2 of 4/ 4 of out of 5)
  • Invitation letter of a member of the MAINZ faculty giving the exact dates of the internship (from-to)
  • A document describing your intern research project (2 pages max.) and indicating the research area of MAINZ it belongs to
  • A list of your estimated travel costs (flight, train etc)

    Please apply latest 12 weeks prior to your internship.