If you are an outstanding Master or Diploma student in chemistry, physics and biology at JGU or TU-KL and interested in materials science research the outgoing option of our internships is your choice.

As outgoing internship student you can spend up to twelve months at an international academic institution financially supported by the graduate school MAINZ. Cooperating partners of MAINZ are located in Europe, in the USA, in Japan, in South Korea and in Canada. If you are interested in other institutions this might also be possible if the academic quality of your host is proven to be outstanding.

Prior to application you need to find a supervisor at an external research organisation (preferentially abroad) interested in your internship at his/her institution!

Afterwards, you need to submit the following documents to MAINZ (by email):

  • Your motivation letter
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Copies of your outstanding undergraduate exam (up to 1,3 in "Vordiplom" or 1,5 in Bachelor)
  • Letter of support from a member of the MAINZ faculty
  • Invitation letter received from professor at foreign university or research institution with exact dates of the internship (from-to)
  • A short description of intern research project (2 pages max.) and the research area of MAINZ it belongs to
  • Your estimated travel costs (flight, train etc)

You can apply throughout the year.