Summer School "Nano"

Time: July 12-16, 2009
Place: Josenhof (Titisee-Neustadt), Black Forest
Nanoparticles: Fundamental Principles, Preparation and Application

Nanochemistry and nanoparticles represent a central topic that is highly interdisciplinary in Science at present, and the field is regarded as a highly promising area of materials research also for the future. The Summer School on "Nanoparticles" will give a general overview in this field, covering the fundamentals of nanoparticle formation and stability, organic and inorganic nanoparticles, together with methods for their characterization. With this topic, the summer school embraces both soft and hard matter studied in the different classes of MAINZ (MATCOR, POLYMAT and IMPRS). Furthermore, modern trends in the area of nanoparticles will be treated and current applications and safety assessment of such materials will also be discussed.

The summer school is limited to 30 participants.


Interne Referenten Landfester (ca. 6h), Maskos (2-3h), Frey (2-3h)

Externe Referenten:

- W. Richtering (Aachen) Nanopartikel-Charakterisierung,Rheologie

- G. Schmid (Duisburg-Essen) Anorganische Nanopartikel, (ca. 3h)

- E. Bartsch (Freiburg) Herstellung, Charakt. von Polymerkolloiden

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