Summer School: "Physics and Chemistry of Spintronics Materials"

February 22-26, 2012 at Orange County Resort (Karnaka, India)

The summer school/workshop/conferenece on "Physics and Chemistry of Spintronics Materials" will take place February 22-26, 2012 at the picturesque resort - Orange County ( in the state of Karnataka, India. Orange County Resort is set in a coffee plantation and in between Dubare Reserve Forest and the river Cauvery.

The topic of the conference will broadly be based on experimental and theoretical investigations of various novel and relevant magnetic materials (DMS, DMSO, bulk magnetic insulators), magnetoresistive and related phenomena, and magneto-transport based device structures. Other topics related to the broad category of Spintronics not covered may also be included.

List of invited speakers (to be confirmed):Albert Fert, Claudia Felser, Fujimori, Charlie Olof Kari, Alan Macdonald, Satish Ogale, Stuart Parkin, D.D. Sarma, S. Das Sarma, George Sawatzky, Nicola Spaldin.

This summer school will be organised by the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore, India) in collaboartion with MAINZ.