Systematic Creativity

Getting to Innovation

Recommended for any year of your PHD time with MAINZ

Intensive 2 day workshop

Exercise based learning
12 participants maximum

8th – 9th of October 2015

09 am until 05:30 pm
MAINZ seminar room

Creativity is a life skill that is relevant for any topic where new perspectives, new ideas and new solutions are needed.
Improving this skill will open up new opportunities in your personal and your professional life.

What you will learn

  • the principles of creativity and creative thinking
  • creativity tools to generate new questions, ideas and solutions,
  • a process of systematic creative problem and solving
  • Behaviors and attitudes of creative thinkers

How you will be able to behave after the workshop

  • Structure and guide the process of creative thinking, as an individual and as a member of a group
  • Come up with new and unusual ways of thinking in order to find better solutions
  • Nurture a creative mindset in yourself and others
  • Create new ideas and solutions in a systematic way
  • Support an environment that allows creativity to happen

What makes it important?

Why is creativity named a professional competence?

Creativity has been identified as the most important skill of future leaders to have by the respondents of the IBM Global CEO Survey 2010.

The ability to think and act creatively is a key factor of getting to innovation and change.
Creativity as a life skill will let you find solutions in almost any kind of situation for which you currently do not have an answer.

This will be major topics during the Workshop

  • Elements of creativity. Creativity as a deliberate process
  • The connection between creativity and problem solving
  • The connection between creativity and innovation
  • Basic principles of creativity and creative thinking
  • The creative process – developing innovative solutions
  • Introduction to the creative process: Components, steps and phases
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for defining a challenge
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for the systematic generation of ideas
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for idea evaluation, idea selection and prototyping of ideas
  • Thinking tools and creativity techniques for creating acceptance of new solutions
  • Dimensions of a culture of creativity and innovation
  • Why people sometimes kill new ideas too quickly and what to do about it
  • How to “sell” new ideas

How you will be working during the Workshop - Workshop Framework

  • Interactive presentation
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Working in a large group and applying the creative problem solving process to a real topic chosen by the participants
  • Working individually on a personal challenge on your own

Who should attend - Workshop Participants
The training is most useful to people who have some previous works experience and who are currently working on topics for which new thinking and new solutions are required.

MAINZ recommendation:
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Your trainer – Profile + Experiences

Florian Rustler is an international innovation coach, founder and managing partner of creaffective. creaffective supports organizations around the world to increase their innovation capabilities and to create a sustainable culture of innovation.

Florian facilitates innovation workshops to create new products, services and business models and delivers innovation related trainings in English, German and Mandarin Chinese. As a consultant he advises customers in establishing innovation management systems and building an innovation culture.
He is author of two books on innovation and creativity and writes regular articles in various business magazines worldwide. As a key note speaker he appears on conferences and company events.