Workshop: Spin Wave Aspects in Spintronics

Oct 4-6, 2010 at Villa Denis

German and Japanese scientists held workshop on "Spin Wave Aspects in Spintronics" at TU Kaiserslautern

On October 04-06, 2010 a workshop on "Spin Wave Aspects in Spintronics" took place at Villa Denis of TU Kaiserslautern. The workshop was organized in the frame of a joint research project between Prof. Y. Otani, RIKEN and University of Tokyo, and Prof. B. Hillebrands, TU Kaiserslautern, jointly funded by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and the German Science Foundation (DFG). The workshop brought together the expertise of several internationally renowned scientists in the field of spinwave physics and its application to spintronics. Scientists and students from experimental and theoretical physics, as well as material sciences presented their work and discussed about results and experimental methods.

While in conventional electronics the charge of the electrons is used to store, transport and process information, spintronics also takes advantage of the little elementary magnets carried by the electrons, the spins. In a magnetic material these spins can even form waves. These spin waves, and their potential for information transport and processing was the central subject discussed at the workshop.

Workshop participants came from Tokyo, Sendai, Osaka, Calcutta, Oxford, Straßbourg as well as from several German Universities. Among the 45 participants 50% were students. The inspiring atmosphere of the Villa Denis and the Castle of Diemerstein led to intense scientific discussions, and new project ideas and collaborations were initiated.


Participants of workshop "Spin Wave Aspects in Spintronics"